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Sweet New Sounds From Black Honey

If you can’t make up your mind on whether to listen to Nancy Sinatra or Nirvana: lovechild Black Honey demands to be heard. With their retro film-inspired aesthetic, the British quartet transports you to the movie set of their world.

No Place Like Home: Aquilo

Originally from the quaint village of Silverdale in the North of England, the duo Aquilo stumbled upon fame after years of playing in rivalling rock bands. With the release of their debut single, “Calling Me”, people started to really listen.

FRONTRUNNER Gets to Know…Yuno

While he works on his debut album, FRONTRUNNER spoke with Yuno about his latest single, “January’s Somebody”, self-production, how he took music from his bedroom to the stage, and more.

The Live First Mentality: FRONTRUNNER Interviews Sports Team

Throughout a long series of pinch-me moments, Sports Team has remained true to their uni-band roots. Night after night, they’re doing the impossible: filling arenas and stadiums with the energy of a tightly packed frat party.

Loose Buttons: Just Guys Being Dudes

Loose Buttons released their debut album, Something Better, right before COVID-19. With the world unraveling, the band used lockdown to learn and grow.

Belters Only: It Was Inevitable

Belters Only, whose name needs no explanation, is made up of Bissett and RobbieG. They stem from the same club in Dublin, and both have been in the house music scene for over a decade.

Lights, Camera, Action Bronson!

Action Bronson. A rapper, writer, chef, and television presenter. He chats with us his paintings, his past, and his album, Only For Dolphins.

Music That Heals: Ensemble Mik Nawooj

The world can be full of so much pain and suffering that we can’t control. Maybe music can be a cure. That’s what hip-hop orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj aims to do: alleviate suffering with music.

Better Days with The Night Café

Whilst beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, Vincent Van Gogh himself described his piece The Night Café as his ugliest painting ever.

FRONTRUNNER exclusive: The Magic Gang

From their student house in Brighton to some of the UK’s biggest stages, including the likes of Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds, The Magic Gang

Good Conversation(s) with Zein Gowie

This interview, much like Zein’s music, brims with a humble energy that comes hand in hand with being true to oneself. Zein Gowie is a

Coming Up Next: Fickle Friends

Nobody likes fickle friends who are temperamental and inconstant, but it’s a different story when it comes to euphoric indie-pop band Fickle Friends. There’s nothing fickle

Getting to the Source: Nubya Garcia

Nubya Garcia is an internationally renowned saxophonist, composer and bandleader. She speaks to FRONTRUNNER about her latest album, Source, the discipline it takes to honour your talent, and appreciating your “bubbles of goodness.”

New Vistas on the Horizon

Scotland boasts having one of the best music scenes in the world, and has been home to countless great rock bands like Franz Ferdinand and

Michl: Lyrics Are Everything

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Michl has a reflective sound that you can’t help but soak in. With every listen, you stumble on a beautiful lyric that you can’t believe you missed.

Kathleen: Poetry With A New Heartbeat

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Kathleen gives poetry a heartbeat. Her sophomore EP Kathleen II pulls you in with folk guitar chords and melancholy melodies.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Delta Spirit

A little bit rock, a little bit indie, lots and lots of smashed expectations. Sixteen years, five albums and countless successes later, California-based band Delta Spirit charges forward.

Being the Hero of Your Story: Raissa

London-based singer Raissa talks about her latest EP HEROGIRL, inclusivity, and the importance of traveling in building her process.

Getting Tidy with Samm Henshaw

British singer/songwriter Samm Henshaw has one of those rich voices that reminds you of dessert.

Tayla Parx: The Power of Believing in Yourself

We were introduced to Tayla Parx in the film Hairspray (2007), when “Little Inez Stubbs” sang and danced her way into our hearts. The Dallas singer is now all grown up.

NYC’s Brass Badasses: Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops is a band full of badass brass players, who rose to international fame as they were captured busking on the New York City Subway.

A One-On-One With Dizzy, The Band

Meet the Juno Award-winning pop group Dizzy, featuring lead singer Kate Munshaw and trio Alex, Mackenzie and Charlie Spencer.

Gimme Some Sugar: Alex G

Alexander Giannascoli is better known by his stage name, Alex G. His music is often characterized as indie rock with a lo-fi or “bedroom pop”

Arlo Parks: The Power of Poetry in Music

Once in a while, an artist arrives who may not realize their own skill and insight. 19-year-old singer/songwriter/poet Arlo Parks is one of those artists.

To Love Is To Live: Jehnny Beth

Jehnny Beth is a musician, singer-songwriter and actress. She’s half of the French lo-fi duo John & Jehn and frontwoman for the English rock band, Savages.

FRONTRUNNER Runs With Sondre Lerche

FRONTRUNNER goes running with Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche, where he describes the unexpected pleasures of bootleg albums and ambient music.

Doing Music His Way: Rap Veteran Cormega

Rap is two things: a fire beat and an MC with something to say. Rap veteran Cormega brings that simplicity back, using intricate rhymes to do it.

Matt Sweeney: The FRONTRUNNER Interview

FRONTRUNNER meets guitarist/producer/vocalist Matt Sweeney, who has collaborated with the likes of Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Will Oldham and Iggy Pop.

Ansley Simpson and Anishinaabe Traditions

Ansley Simpson is a member of the Aldverville First Nations. The Toronto based Anishinaabe singer-songwriter is known for her lilting vocal performances.

Meet Two-Spirit Musician Shawnee

Shawnee is a two-spirit Mohawk singer-songwriter that uses her soulful music as medicine and to inspire social change.

Elijah Bank$y on Life as a Muse for Music

Orange County based-rapper Elijah Bank$y drips with soulful beats and clever similes. His album 50*40*90 blasts a New York vibe with music visuals to match.

Christina Schneider Becomes Locate S,1

Christina Schneider, in her world of brilliantly disruptive fringe-pop music, has taken on a handful of monikers. Now, she is known as Locate S,1.

LISSIE: Songs For Our Time

Elisabeth Corrin Maurus, known as LISSIE, is a musician with authentic and genuine talent. Type “Lissie” into YouTube and you will likely be equally moved by her solo performances of her songs with acoustic guitar and vocals as those with her full band in a studio.

Transition and Connections: Meet Spencer.

New York virtuoso Spencer. is living, breathing, beat-making proof that achieving your dreams starts with the ability and willingness to take risks.

Haleek Maul on Errol: the Album and the Man Behind It

Barbados has blessed us with a lot. Flying fish, Rihanna, beautiful beaches, and (on my personal list), Haleek Maul. Born in Brooklyn but raised in Barbados, Haleek is introducing the world to his trap-infused sound that has a Barbados twist and twang.

Lessons From The Road with Nilüfer Yanya

Nilüfer Yanya released her genre-bending debut LP Miss Universe in late March 2019, and the month prior she set out for a whole year’s worth

Naïka Creates Her Own Brand of “World Pop”

“I use singing in different languages as a raw representation of my roots. It’s who I am. My background isn’t linear,” says Miami-born singer-songwriter Naïka.


BENEE’s quirkily titled STELLA & STEVE EP beams with dreamy grooves that complement the more sugary sweet pop of FIRE ON MARZZ.

Between Light and Dark: duendita

I had read that duendita believed God was within, and that a prayer between her and God could be the same as a conversation between her and a loved one. As I watched the man with the locs sway to the music, I thought that perhaps this is what duendita’s music is about.

Channel Tres’ Music Could Lead People To The Promised Land

MoMA PS1’s Warm Up is an annual summer music festival that lifts up the voices of innovative and underrepresented artists. One of the many artists who took the stage–or, dare we say, owned the stage–this year was Channel Tres.

Plastic Picnic’s New Album Vistalite Lights Up The Beach with 80’s Pop

“Our focus was on writing songs and enjoying the process while making sure we were challenging ourselves to grow as songwriters. We had to shed the skin of the first record and understand the new mental and emotional state we were in,” says Brooklyn-based Plastic Picnic.

From Orkney to the East End: FRONTRUNNER Interviews Erland Cooper

It was hard to imagine that the creation of the first two instalments in a triptych of records by Erland Cooper, which so perfectly captures the essence of the Orkney Islands’ (Scotland) wildlife, was created in a bustling environment such as London’s East End.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Tyler Ramsey

FRONTRUNNER speaks with Tyler Ramsey about his new album and the important relationship between quiet and creativity. He also told us about his favorite guitars, the satisfying flexibility of solo touring, and his friendship with Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket.

Translating the Emotions of Sound With Vritra

While some artists are pushing social norms, LA-based rapper and producer Vritra is ramming them with chill monotonic rhymes pillared by unconventional beats.

Two New Solo Tracks From Antibalas Drummer Miles Francis

When New York’s Miles Francis released his first solo EP, Swimmers, in February of this year, he had already played the drums in several noteworthy ensembles. In addition to being a former member of Afrobeat group Antibalas, he has also toured with Arcade Fire’s Will Butler and performed on stage with Angelique Kidjo, Amber Mark, Sharon Jones, and more.

Get To Know Atlanta Rockers Gringo Star

We have always loved trying to pull from as many different sounds that we like in the hopes of always making something that feels fresh to us

Doran Danoff: King of Crown City

I think King of Crown City definitely shows my love for vintage styles like funk, soul, R&B and jazz. I grew up listening to everything under the sun.

Introducing Juliet Quick’s Changeling EP

Brooklyn musician Juliet Quick’s poetic storytelling has always found a cozy home among textured string instruments, ever since her first releases two years ago under the name Juliet K.

Sis Unfurls Their Musical Moonsail

San Francisco musical collective Sis was born out of the artistic restlessness of singer and composer Jenny Gillespie Mason, a self-proclaimed “former folkie” who decided she wanted to record new music on a OP-1 synth.

Natti Vogel: Captivating, Charming, Comedic

With a musical presence that captivates, the lyrics and musicality of pianist and singer Natti Vogel are unique, unmatchably creative and stylistically comedic. His music

the YeahTones: Yay for Rocking, Yeah for Beats

Well all those songs came out of so much frustration and anger I was feeling at the time towards many systems that we live with today. We have an education systems that pressures very young kids (and their parents) to go to the “best schools” then charge $200k+ to attend with basically negative guarantees of opportunities when you finish…

Interview with Betty Moon

I typically have a melody in mind when crafting my lyrics, as the message is more impactful if both the words and music come from a deep, personal place.

Interview with Brooks Brown: Young Wonder

Living in Kansas was a hinderance at first, but being so separated from what I thought
was the “place to be” in music pushed me to meet some people outside my sphere and get out
of my comfort zone. The dynamic is so much different when you’re collaborating in person
versus online. In person, picking up someone’s style, vibe, charisma, etc. is almost

Rosi Golan: Music of Time and Place

My favorite thing is when you write a song and you don’t realize what it’s about yet and then in hindsight you realize you were processing something you were going through at the time.